What People Say…

Over the last 12 years, we’ve sold more than 10,000 Eatmecrunchy bowls all over the world. Here’s a sample of what people say:

I think the Eatmecrunchy bowl is fabulous! It works as it should… brilliantly! Overall I think it is an excellent invention!” – Sam, Hallifax

Please see an ad which ran in the USA : https://youtu.be/o3R3ueJbo68

I ordered two Eatmecrunchy bowls for my daughter for Christmas. I also bought her a very expensive cashmere cardigan. She loves the cardigan, but she uses one of the bowls every day and often tells me how much more she enjoys her cereals now. Thank you for such an inspired product.” – Miiss G – Kent

Ready for another video? someone obviously felt inspired to run this comparison – seem like a project between a parent and child  ….. https://youtu.be/vIciBjNtzYE

I received my bowl yesterday – it’s a great invention. Eating cereal is no longer a race against time!” – Miss K – Essex

We were also lucky to be featured on an episode of Awesomeology, check it out above! (The section on Eatmecrunchy starts at 2.55)

Also see the bowl being used by a fan in Germany:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=EajTuIwAiWE





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